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  1. Here are some models that would give Jedi more variety: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1978465315 - Regimental Jedi https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100746724 - More Jedi Models https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1983261350 - Battle Master Models PROS: All these models give more variety to Jedi, Epically Regimental Jedi. It's a perfect fit for the Jedi and grand army as a whole. CONS: More models for the server for people to download might be excessive
  2. Jedi Ranking structure and what it means: Initiate: New to the temple and is in training. Padawan: Finished their training and initiation. They will proceed to their next part of the training process. Knight: They have proven themselves in the way of the force. They are ready to carry out their own missions. They can become a battalions Commanding General Master: They have earned the rank of Master. They can make decisions to further the ways of the temple and its beliefs. They are allowed to carry out trials and look for initiates Master of the Order: They are the best in the eyes of the Grandmaster. They will work alongside decision making in the Order and can bring any suggestion directly to the Grandmaster Honor Level systems: Honor I - Jedi Initiate Honor II - Jedi Padawan Honor III- Jedi Padawan (They remain padawan until they they reach IV) Honor IV- Jedi Knight Honor V- Jedi Knight (They remain a knight until the Master of the Order or Grandmaster appoint them as Master) How to achieve Honor: Honor will be gained if a Master or Higher has recognized something within you. Promotion requirements may include a person(s) -Valor -Bravery -Commandment -Courage -Experience -Mastery -Control (meaning Control over their state of mind with the force [RPing their character development]) Honor will take time to get. Honor recommendation can only be suggested by Jedi and Jedi only. How to get into Jedi: In order to join Jedi there are a few things we keep an eye on: -How mingy you are -How well you RP -How much you are interested in joining Jedi -Your knowledge of the server rules and command structure -Your playtime (3-4 days of playtime and activity) -Understand the position of Jedi in the Grand Army and Server Jedi Trials: Initiate trials: Initiates will be tested on their Force abilities, they will be tested on patience, meditation, knowledge, and self-discipline. Patience- Patience is determined by one’s ability to follow their instructors orders no matter how long it may take. Meditation- Meditation will test one's mind and place within the Force around you, connecting yourself with it letting it flow through you. Knowledge- Knowledge will be tested on one’s ability to know what it means to be a Jedi and what they can and cannot do. Self-Discipline- One’s discipline will be tested thoroughly through-out your time in the Order. (This carries on no matter if you’re a Padawan or Master) Padawan trials: Padawans will be taken through multiple tests such as; Saber construction, Discovering your ability with the force, Practice with your saber and abilities. Saber Construction- Your instructor will take you through the caves of anaxes within the Jedi ruins to find what crystal calls to you. Once your crystal is found, your hilt parts will be assigned to you. Discovering your Force abilities- Once your lightsaber is finished, your instructor will help you tap into your Force potential, connecting you to the force completely. Saber and Force practice- Once the requirements are met, your training commences. Knight trials: When you reach the point of Honor in which you can become a Jedi Knight, you will be tested in three fields. Trial of Skill- Demonstrate your competence with your lightsaber and force principles of control. Trial of Courage- Establish your skills and fortitude in the face of danger and overwhelming odds. Trial of Spirit- Test your will to vanquish the inner battle of evil within yourself. As a Knight you will be appointed as a Guardian, Consular, or a Sentinel. Depending on your behavior in the order will decide which best suits you and your abilities. Jedi Positions: Jedi Guardian- Protectors of the Peace and Order (Relies more on their saber skills and strategy) Jedi Consular- Keepers of the Peace and Jedi Code (Relies more on their force abilities and resolve) Jedi Sentinel- Efficient in both their Saber skills and Force abilities (They are the best of the best in the Order) Regarding wiltOS and it’s rules: With wiltOS being in the server and the reputation it withholds. It is very powerful in regards to the server and its player base so it will have restrictions. These restrictions will include: -No Force Master sabers within the order -Kyber Slam and other extremely powerful abilities are Forbidden -Admins are permitted to step in if Jedi become too overpowered regarding their abilities -Admins are the only ones permitted to spawn items for sabers and appoint abilities for Jedi -Masters will discuss with you on what abilities will be assigned to you and how many skill points you will obtain Rules regarding Jedi and place in the Grand Army: Jedi have to follow a set of rules in order to understand where they are in the Grand Army. Jedi are to understand that they do not have authority over High Command decisions such as High General, Supreme Commander, Grand Admiral and Grand Master. Jedi Padawans do not have the capability to override a commander's decisions, unless instructed to do so by a Game-Master in an Event or High Command such a High General. Jedi Knights are only able to command an entire battalion if they are assigned as their General. If they are not assigned they have to follow rules they are given by the High General himself or any High Command. Commanders do have the means to override commands of Knights and up if they see fit. If the commander allows you to take lead, you are permitted to do so. Jedi Masters have the ability to command Jedi underneath them as well as take lead in battle if instructed to. This goes for the Master of the Order and Grand Master too. Jedi does not give you the ability to boss and command anyone as you please, you have to keep in mind other players' wellbeing. Only time you can lead someone is if you have permission to do so by the High General, Supreme Commander, or a Game-Master.
  3. We could add another job to the clone trooper jobs. I’ve found a flame trooper model and flamethrower TFA that would work perfectly with each other. Info: “The clone flame troopers, also known simply as the flame troopers, were a special branch of clone troopers that specialized in the use of BT X-42 heavy Republic flamethrowers as well as other incendiary weapons. Flame troopers wore specialized armordesigned to counter heat that they were often in. They were present during the Second Battle of Geonosis.” How they could be utilized: They could be used as a means of clearing infections that have gotten out of control. Burning down CIS strongholds and clearing out forests that could prove dangerous. PROS: More variety for troopers who wish to stay a basic clone, event holders can use these for interesting event idea, very unique job that might attract a lot of attention CONS: It might lag so people’s games, could be dangerous to other players in events depending on how effect it is, will have to make sure it’s used properly model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1869198226&searchtext=Airborne+CGI Flamethrower: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=931566793
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