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  1. I definitely think Jedi could always use more models, whether these ones or other ones. Jedi should all look different so they stick out and everyone can tell which Jedi they are just from looking at them.
  2. In-game name: CT PVT 5401 Chaser Type of suggestion: Addon/Script (It's kinda both I guess? It uses a script that is linked to on github, but it's mostly just for setting values). Reason for suggestion: Just a quality of life improvement. Pros: People would no longer need to RP data being uploaded, it gives them the datapad with the information when the progress reaches 100%. Cons: I'm not sure whether or not the hack can be cancelled, I know the data upload/hack is sometimes interrupted for RP reasons. Other Details: I stumbled across this this while looking through the workshop, it turns out it was made a few days ago. I'd say also check out the author's other content, most of it isn't in the same vein as this addon but I don't know there's other things that might be useful too. Link to suggestion if it has one: CWRP Hackable Console and Datapad System
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