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Mental Health Section

FireStormGaming ("we", "our", "us") is committed to the betterment of mental health and personal safety in our community.

Be Brave. Talk To Someone Now

FireStormGaming does not have licensed professionals, nor is it recommended you seek help in this community. Instead, visit the following options immediately:

Understand Our Limitations

Members of this community come here to escape the struggles of our daily lives. We want to help, but this isn't the right environment.

  • Safety and mental health require personal confrontation and bravery.
  • FireStormGaming¬† is about escapism and fantastical fiction writing..
  • Members feeling suicidal thoughts or behavior should seek professional help.
  • Professional help is not available at FireStormGaming

Administrative Guidelines

Please do not seek assistance directly from the FireStormGaming Staff Team. We are not trained nor purport to be mental health professionals.

  • Staff team members are trained to provide only this help page in response to suspicious activity or requests for support in regards to mental health.
  • Staff team members are instructed to provide no further assistance, per the guidelines handed down by the Site Owner.

Failure To Adapt

This isn't the right environment to seek professional assistance. Failing to seek help for yourself or adapt to this community can result in the following regrettable actions:

  • Your account may be terminated in lieu of general rule violations.
  • Your posts may be deleted in conjunction with general rule violations.



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