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  1. StarWars RP

    1. General Discussion

      Join and get involved with the regiments on the FSG SWRP server. Pay close attention to where you post soldier, reports and applications belong down below.

    2. Event Suggestions

      Have a nice event idea to share? Feel free to post it here! Make sure to follow the proper guidelines though!

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    3. Ban Appeals   (36 visits to this link)

    4. Battalion Data

      This is where you will find all the battalions information. Commanders should have all there documents in this area, rosters, rules, promotion polices ETC. 

  • FSG
    Fire Storm Gaming
    Discord server
    (RSM) Lobby
    Help Room 1
    Help Room 2
    Help Room 3
    Interview Room
    Issue Handled!
    Not Responding
    ☕Main Lobby☕
    General Chat 1
    General Chat 2
    General Chat 3
    General Chat 4
    IN RP (No talking)
    Director Mixer's Office
    Director's Waiting Room
    Asst Director Major's Office
    Asst Director's Waiting Room
    Staff Lobby
    Moderation Lobby
    Head GM [REDACTED] Office
    Head Web Dev Pelican's Office
    Head Dev's Waiting Room
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